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Supporting your  decision-making by a comprehensive field simulator


A game changing solution that is revolutionizing the oil industry by improving oil production efficiency, reducing risks and cost of field development.

Froswell Simulator has been assisting various leading international organizations disruptively changing the paradigm of the O&G upstream industry, significantly increasing oil production and reducing water cut.


Our unique approach includes integration of heliometric data, modern physical models and powerful artificial intelligence to upgrade geological field models, assess the production potential of oil wells and select the most effective well interventions and water flooding optimization activities with highest possible result forecast accuracy.


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Traditional oil field models fail to capture the full complexity of dynamic systems not adequately accounting for uncertainties and variations.

Froswell has created a next-generation oilfield simulator that provides high performance and accuracy of calculations running fully automatic calculation of thousands of model adaptations for each reservoir using unique dataset.


As a result, we achieve a multiple reduction of error and get a more accurate picture of physical processes in subsoil: residual oil reserves, by-passed oil, well interference, reservoir pressure dynamics, distribution of production and injection by reservoirs. We model every layer and total field interwell communication with the highest accuracy in the petroleum industry.

Standard Effects from using Froswell Simulator:

- Impressive reduction of field model error

- A deeper understanding of the underground hydrodynamics

- Precise forecast of field development parameters

- Selection of the best scenarios for optimization of water flooding

- Increase in well's daily production rate by 40-70% 

- Reduction of more than 90% of economically inefficient well interventions

- New well drilling within the field with virtually no risk

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