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resource exploration



Our wealth of experienced personnel with knowledge in the geological and geophysical characteristics of many basins around the world allows us to conduct detailed explorational studies.


The correct interpretation and integration of a wide range of data is critical for building resource system models, evaluating and optimizing exploration and exploration drilling programs.


The use of modern exploration methods contributes to the effective ranking of promising areas and drilling de-risking, which ensures success in IPOs, exits, mergers, and the creation of profitable reserves portfolios for E&P Operators and Investors.


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  • End-to-End (Integrated) Exploration Management solution

  • Fit-For-Purpose and flexible project approach

  • Deploying industry Best-Practises & proven methods

  • State-of-the-art Technology & Techniques

  • Targeted Surveying, Mapping and Drilling

  • Focus on Risk Management

  • Effective planning & simulation in Early Field Development

  • Budget optimisation of Exploration Project

  • Proven solutions to high-grade an acreage 

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Onshore oil and gas exploration

Heologic's Accelerated Exploration package for O&G sector is a single source of all prospecting, exploration and early field development operations. To achieve our goal of minimising exploration costs and drilling risks, we have developed a comprehensive plan of exploration activities. By combining our geological experience, modern technologies and digital with all available geological information, we ensure that the identified areas of interest are de-risked for commercial drilling.

We are involved in developing investment strategies to maximise the return on investment for our clients in the oil industry, from small start-ups and mid-sized producers to national oil companies

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Geothermal reservoir exploration

Our flexibility in terms of explorational methodologies and techniques allows us to minimise the explorational time, costs and drilling risks in Geothermal sector. We are the first company in the world to successfully provide a Helium surveying method to identify geothermal reservoirs. Our approach is based on the fact that the increased helium concentrations can be detected in the waters of thermal springs and associated with the discharge of thermal waters along the zones of increased fracturing.  Heologic's customers view our fit-for-purpose work as a complete and reliable information that takes the uncertainty out of exploration projects and identifies right spots for the deep drilling. 

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Helium exploration

Helium is a unique commodity, vital for the modern world and is an in-demand product that has limited global supply and availability. Taking into account the ability of helium to accumulate in natural gas deposits along with other gases (hydrocarbons, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) and the fact that helium constantly migrates vertically forming microseepages at the earth’s surface, we use Helium Surveying as the Direct Indication of reservoirs with trapped helium gas. The deep integration of helium data with geophysics and geology helps us to build reliable geological models with well-defined boundaries for predicted helium deposits and prioritising the location of exploratory wells.

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Hydrogen exploration

Natural hydrogen is the fuel of the 21st century. The natural production of hydrogen is a recent area of scientific research, but little is known about H2 generation, migration, consumption and potential accumulation. There is neither a single exploration strategy nor any resource assessment accepted by explorationists globally. Our research shows that even with effective sealing, the high mobility of natural hydrogen and helium supports their migration out of the reservoir, creating a field of hydrogen and helium concentrations above background at the surface. Heologic's exploration strategy for natural H2 is based on a construction of a comprehensive G+G+H2+He model that allows to identify right geological structures (traps) with good reservoir properties and effective seals.

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