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The major domain of company's operations is processing and comprehensive interpretation of onshore and offshore seismic data of CDP 2D and CDP 3D modifications, as well as providing accompanying services. 


While carrying out the tasks set by our clients in the field of seismic exploration, we monitor the quality of the seismic data collected and their compliance with the client's technical requirements. We provide technical support for all stages of work, provide on-site labour, seismic data processing and systematisation.


Our specialists use a wide range of modern softwares, which helps us to be a universal service provider and choose the way of project execution that best suits a particular client. For the processing jobs we use Omega (Schlumberger), Geovation (CGG), Focus/GeoDepth (Paradigm) as well as software solutions for specific tasks from other developers. Data interpretation is executed with Decision Space (Landmark), Petrel (Schlumberger), Hampson-Russell (CGG) and various supplementary softwares for solving auxiliary tasks.   


In addition to this, from the very beginning the company has emphasised self-developed software that allows to perform specialised algorithms for data processing/interpretation (velocity modelling, etc.), or to digitise operational processes.

Our primary concern is to protect our clients' investment in seismic operations and acquisition of seismic data.


  • Processing of land and offshore seismic data in 2D and 3D variations

  • Standard processing in time (PSTM/APSTM) and depth (PSDM/APSDM) domains with calculation of attributes and inversions (AVO/PSI)

  • Special types and processing procedures - CRS, multi-parameter regularization, full-azimuth migration, special types of migrations (Beam, RTM), etc.

  • Implementation of projects of different categories of complexity and in regions with different seismic and geological conditions

  • Integrated interpretation of geological and geophysical data

  • The whole set of procedures from the correlation of reflectors and the construction of isochron and structural maps to recommendations for exploration and production drilling and additional exploration of deposits

  • Combination of any available data of various types of geophysical surveys (gravimagnetic survey, electrical survey, helium survey, remote sensing)

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