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The first team ever to complete MT-Sounding in desert petroleum exploration


Electromagnetic geophysical methods like telluric current method and magnetotelluric sounding have been used in the USSR to study a deep structure of sedimentary basins and consolidated crust since 1950s. Now the magnetotelluric method is an increasingly popular passive geophysical technique widely used to image the electrical resistivity distribution inside the Earth for petroleum, helium and geothermal reservoirs.

The magnetotelluric method can illustrate the electrical conductivity distribution of rock complexes at depths ranging from a few metres to hundreds of kilometres. The deeper the unit, the greater the thickness it must have to be properly located and recognized. The presence of wells in the area of work is required.

In most of the cases we run the MT method to use naturally occurring, broadband electromagnetic waves over the Earth's surface to image subsurface resistivity structure in situations where seismic acquisition is not possible. 

Heologic offers MT method for rapid coverage of large areas only for onshore exploration. We place measuring stations almost anywhere where human access is possible and integrate obtained data with other geological, geochemical and geophysical information.

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