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Let us evaluate your existing refining assets to design

fit-for-purpose solutions


Our experienced team of senior consultants have established expertise in troubleshooting, high-level analysis and problem solving for refinery operations, petroleum, petrochemicals and refined fuels.


Heologic supports clients who are committed to continuous improvement of operating and maintenance practises to achieve the highest standards of efficiency and reliability.

Our senior technical refinery consultants are trained engineers and scientists who worked in all process units and facilities in the refinery & offsite and qualified to offer expert advice relating to corrosion, crude oil distillation, refining, catalysis, production and product upgrade and more.

Special attention is given to safety, health and environment protection in the process of operation & maintenance.

Refinery support services:

  • Industrial Inspection 

  • Fuel Quality 

  • Quality control

  • Trouble-shooting

  • Problem-solving 

  • Refining

  • Catalyst

  • Distillate/Resid FCCU

  • Hydrocrackers

  • Reformers (semi-regenerative/continuous catalytic regeneration)

  • Lube processing units

  • Products: Bitumen, MTBE, Butene-1, Propylene, Xylenes, and other petrochemicals 

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