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Growing our solutions in direction of adaptive & autonomous analytics


Our concept of the Upstream Control Center (UCC) designed for managing the operational activities of the assets, based on realizing the potential using new tools (constraint models, integrated modelling, integrated planning, maintenance management, predictive analysis, etc.) and aimed at increasing business efficiency.

Our systems automate virtually all oil and gas production processes and are used in operational and strategic decisions to help maximise production and optimise operating costs.

UCC is a suitable tool that increases efficiency and quality of work:

  1. Work in a single information space for specialists of different functional areas in the process of planning and performing activities on the well stock

  2. Automatic comprehensive analysis of the well stock during the selection and planning of activities (potential, reserves, development analysis, technology, geology, etc.)

  3. Evaluation of various versions of the integrated plan with the calculation of the production forecast on the integrated model 

  4. Visualization of the implementation of the activities of the integrated plan on an interactive map.

Heologic offers a real-time collaboration between specialists in different functional areas from integrated planning to execution to address these questions across the framework:

1. Upstream Integrated Analysis


This module undertakes a comprehensive analysis of key field and reservoir criteria in order to generate options for well workovers / EOR operations / capital construction / maintenance, etc. The measures identified are prioritized based on the criteria set by the user (production volumes, NPV, etc.).

  • Analysis of Geology, Technology, Operational Performance, Equipment, Economical Efficiency

  • Operations forecast (production, downtime, etc.)

  • Recommendation of well interventions

  • Forecasting of potential production after the well interventions

  • Bottleneck analysis

2. Upstream Integrated Planning


This module creates operational and annual plans. Strategy and project development indicators are used as guidelines. The module makes it possible to create an integrated work plan for the asset in accordance with set targets, criteria and restrictions and work plan lan for workovers, maintenance and repairs including reservoirs, wells and field gathering system.

  • Automated Generation of Activity schedule

  • Deep learning algorithms to constantly create better plans and schedules based on multiple factors

  • Multiple versions and What-If capability

  • Efficient management and coordination of work during emergencies (Rapid Decision Making)

3. Integrated Modelling


The module is designed to simulate fluid flow from the reservoir to the bottom-hole area, up the well and into the infield collection system (infield pipelines, holding and separating tanks, pumping stations) and through to the point of transfer/ metering at the central pipeline. Enables modelling of fluid flow processes for a formation, bottom-hole area, well, gathering system, and injection system.

  • Fast formation model for fast automatic re-calculations

  • Economical model based on what-if scenarios

  • All models are seamlessly integrated 

  • Mutual impact

4. Monitoring

The module is focused on monitoring all planned & unplanned field events that affect production. It tracks well workovers/ maintenance, field infrastructure maintenance/construction, operating regimes and downtime. It compares plan to actual. 

  • Visual graphics of the oil field with actual data

  • Monitoring of all assets under treatment 

  • Gathering system performance

  • Team progress against the schedule, display planned and actual performance

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