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Run your upstream operations at digital speed


To increase the efficiency of control over production processes and  automate the collection, processing and storage of technological production parameters, Heologic introduced DIGITAL WELL solution as a basic component of the work of any oil operator.

The field-level solution has been brought to uniform rules for collecting detailed production information.

A complete cycle of well data processing and management based on any geological, technological, or organisational provides a real-time well performance indicators, as well as supports management management with a complete access to all upstream data for the duration of well development history.

DIGITAL WELL solutions unified database and made it possible to promptly provide information on oil production to managers at any level. The information has become transparent and accessible.


We have fully automated a number of large enterprises and the system successfully maintains information on all operating wells. All calculations are performed according to unified algorithms, taking into account the specifics of accounting for liquid hydrocarbons.

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