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We manage portfolios of oil and gas exploration projects on a scientific basis


We have developed and implemented the Integrated Asset Portfolio Center (IAPC) to unify and automate the processes of collecting, processing and storing asset portfolio data.



  • analyses and assesses asset activities in a single information space,

  • maintains all types of information used in accounting of resources and reserves (attributive, documentary, cartographic), 

  • increases the speed of asset accounting,

  • improves the quality of the initial data allowing companies to independently assess their assets 

  • produces reports and balances of O&G reserves and resources.

Some important IAPC features:

  • generation, storage and online access to data in the context of geological objects: the values ​​of calculated parameters, the amount of reserves and their changes, information on the accumulated production, the actual and forecast scopes of geological and technical measures, the results of calculations of the rate of decline in production and the economic limit;

  • the ability to automatically generate various standard and corporate reports;

  • verification and control of data, including at the stage of entering information.

IAPC was successfully implemented in one of the largest global public E&P companies in the world, which accounts for more than 2% of world oil production and about 1% of proven hydrocarbon reserves.

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