Heologic brings a new practice in Petroleum Industry called focused drilling where our customers drill wells with a lowest possible risk, knowing and understanding the target beforehand.   

The oil and gas exploration has moved into geologically unfriendly regions where structural complexity and hydrocarbon system fundamentals are significant challenges. Underperformance in exploration of the hydrocarbons is often coupled with a low drilling success rate.


The amount of available data before drilling is often very limited and variable in terms of type and quality so the drilling risk comes from uncertainty and a unified multidisciplinary approach is required in order to maximize the value of the data. 


He-Technology is an innovative method for prediction of oil & gas presence and a perfect tool for integration into Geological & Geophysical data. In this way, our exploration drilling de-risking concept based on G & G & He (Geology, Geophysics, Helium) data and integrates a suite of information, from 2D / 3D seismic processing through to geology where Helium data plays a significant role. 


G & G & He is a powerful model for reservoir exploration and used in prioritizing prospects and even in inferring the nature of hydrocarbon accumulation (e.g., oil versus gas), potentially reducing the overall exploration risk quite substantially.


Land in the pay zone


Identify the best deals


Field plan with precision

The results of a longstanding experience indicate that G & G & He model confidently evaluates geology in order to: 

  • confirm the presence of potential hydrocarbon deposits according to the data obtained by traditional methods; 

  • predict saturation of the prospective section prior to drilling; 

  • identify areas of enhanced fractured permeability and hydrodynamic connectivity in productive section;

  • clarify the conditional boundaries of the reservoir along the boundaries of Helium anomalies; 

  • rank the prospects by risk, cut off low prospectively and high-risk zones;

  • justify the prospective drilling target;

  • clarify the most optimal well placement point within the reservoir based on the centre of Helium anomalies; 

  • obtain additional data on potential deposits with unclear and contradictory data obtained by traditional methods. 


65% on the edge of Helium Anomaly

0% outside of Helium Anomaly

80% inside of Helium Anomaly

He-Technology success rate confirmed by drilling - 90%


He-Technology has been applied in more than 200 projects as onshore & offshore and shows very good quality data and is getting widely known as future-proof method that can reliably predict 90% of subsequent commercial discoveries and about 99% of the eventual dry holes.