The presence of experienced personnel and knowledge of the geological and geophysical characteristics of oil and gas basins allows us to conduct detailed technical studies of exploration projects onshore and offshore. The correct interpretation of a wide range of data is critical for building petroleum system models, evaluating and optimizing exploration and exploration drilling programs. The use of modern exploration methods (including helium survey) contributes to the effective ranking of promising areas, which ensures success in IPOs, exits, mergers, and the creation of profitable reserves portfolios for investors.


  • Regional Geological Review

  • Analysis of the prospects of licensed areas for oil, gas, helium, natural hydrogen

  • Processing and interpretation of well data

  • Petrophysical analysis

  • Reservoir Analysis

  • Risk identification and assessment

  • Modeling and analysis of structures

  • Identification and evaluation of promising areas

  • Design, processing and quality control of seismic surveys - 2D, 3D and 4D

  • Seismic data interpretation, analysis, quality control

  • Seismic data processing

  • Interpretation of seismic data

  • Processing and interpretation of well data

  • Geological and hydrodynamic modeling

  • Field development design

  • Basin Modeling

  • Modeling the location of wells and their interaction

  • Reservoir evaluation and analysis of its properties

  • Clastic, carbonate and fractured reservoirs

  • Digital geological 3D reservoir simulation

  • Reserve calculation and risk assessment

  • Risk and Uncertainty Analysis

  • Formation, analysis and ranking of investment portfolio opportunities