Oilfield development engineering is a multidisciplinary technology. We ensure the technical, environmental and economic balance of the results of the implementation of field development projects - this combination ensures the successful achievement of goals in complex projects and the efficient operation of assets throughout the entire period of ownership. What's more, the correct collection, evaluation, and interpretation of data we have established at the stage of drilling a well, as well as timely informing the customer about unusual situations, allow us to choose the most efficient options for operating the asset.


  • Reservoir survey and field development design

  • All types of studies from geological aspects to development schemes

  • Economic analysis of proposed solutions

  • Study of carbonate, sandy reservoirs with complex geology

  • Basic reservoir engineering, geological and geochronological modeling

  • Productivity forecast

  • Design of development scheme, infrastructure

  • Support for onshore and offshore drilling

  • Planning for drilling in high pressure and temperature conditions

  • Planning for directional drilling and extended wells

  • Planning Methods for the Development of Heavy Oil Facilities

  • Planning methods for the development of unconventional reserves

  • Commercial geology